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Master of Arts and
Certification Program

Meet some of our students...

kylee gentile

Kylee Gentile

"I chose the MAC program because I have a bachelors degree in business but I felt so unfulfilled in my career choice. I have always had an interest in teaching but I was nervous to pursue it. Through volunteer work, I discovered helping children was my true passion and I decided I needed to take the leap. My younger sister is an alumni and spoke so highly of her experience at WVU. She helped get me in the right direction and get the ball rolling. I am so grateful for her help and the continual help of the faculty. My goals are to make a difference in the lives of my future students. I hope to take them away from whatever negativity they may face at home and aid them in becoming the best version of themselves from a young age."

emily patterson

Emily Patterson

"I chose the MAC program at the College of Education and Human Services because of the resources and opportunities afforded me by West Virginia University. In addition to the number of graduate assistantships available, CEHS has gone above and beyond to make me aware of many financial aid opportunities. Furthermore, CEHS provides students with placement into counties whose students score 50% proficient in reading, social studies, science, and math. Therefore, training is by some of the best teachers in the state. Having already graduated from WVU in 2015 with a bachelor's degree, I was well aware of the diversity of Morgantown and the students in its schools. Anyone hoping to become a well-rounded educator should experience this diversity as it prepares one to be able to relate to students who differ ethnically and culturally. Finally, CEHS provides a two-year master's and certification program; most other programs in the state of West Virginia do not offer such a rigorous, comprehensive program that can be completed while working.  I thoroughly enjoyed studying biology at WVU throughout my undergraduate career, which is when I also realized I was as passionate about teaching as I was science. Upon graduating from the College of Education and Human Services, I intend to teach biology or chemistry at the secondary level. After spending some time in the classroom and refining my skills as an educator, I hope to ultimately move to higher education, conducting research on what I've learned and teaching college students."

kendall snee

Kendall Snee

"I chose the MAC program because getting my masters in education would mean being able to help secondary students, (middle school to high school age) who have given up on their love of reading. I think the older we get the more casual it is to say 'I don't like to read,' 'Or I'm not good at reading.' I think these students really need particular attention and we can't afford to miss out on helping them. I would love to become a reading specialist in a high school or middle school. I think there are many students who struggle and are either not helped fully/at all or are dumped into special education class that don't quite fit their needs. I want this degree to help many a variety of students."

Jacy Woods

Jacy Woods

"I decided on the MAC program for many reasons, with the main reason being the schedule. Evening and online courses allow me to keep my full time job and also spend time with my baby at home. I want to be the most educated and effective teacher I can be. The MAC program is going to help get me there."