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Master of Arts in
Literacy Education

Meet some of our students...

koral fleming

Koral Fleming
Hometown: Little Hocking, OH

"I completed the Literacy Leadership Through National Board Certification (LLNBC) through a grant program at WVU. I worked with two remarkable professors, Allison Dagen and Aimee Morewood, as well as great mentors! The program was extremely beneficial to my education and career. I was contacted by Allison and Aimee about the M.A. in Literacy Education program and immediately wanted to join their team and be part of another wonderful opportunity! My goals are: to be more educated in literacy to continue to help my students succeed, become a better planner when creating lessons for my students, and become an expert in literacy education to guide professional development."

kasey noll

Kasey Noll
Hometown: Bunker Hill, WV

"I chose the M.A. in Literacy Education program at WVU because I was first attracted to the extensive curriculum that is offered through this program. Through the course offerings, I would be able to continue to learn best practices and effective strategies to teach students as well as to learn colleague coaching techniques. The clinical/teaching internship would enhance my professional insight and skills needed to assume the responsibilities of a reading specialist. I knew this program would deepen my overall understanding of teaching literacy; the online aspect would allow me to still meet my professional responsibilities while also raising a family. This degree is beneficial to my current teaching position as a Title I Reading Teacher and will also prepare me for the possibility of assuming different educator roles in the future such as a literacy coach."

adam shickley

Adam Shickley
Hometown: Dauphin, PA

"I chose the Literacy Education program at WVU because it was the perfect compliment to my Special Education degree, and the ability to attend a high quality university with a good reputation all from my hometown was just a great option. I was able to have flexibility while completing my second graduate degree. The online option for a Literacy Instruction (Reading Specialist) is not common to find in the online learning platform. Knowing that I was going to a nationally accredited program and that I was going to get quality instruction made the choice easy.  I plan on using my degree to eventually become a building coach and helping to shape high quality educational programs that truly help students succeed."

emily swoger

Emily Swoger
Hometown: Wheeling, WV

"I wanted to be a Reading Specialist because I struggled with reading as a child. I was actually tested twice for a learning disorder for which I did not qualify. I was just one of those students who needed extra support. I knew I wanted to make a difference for children who were like me. I currently teach 4th grade at a school in WV. One day I would love to hold a Title 1 position at this school."