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Master of arts in
Higher Education Administration

Course Descriptions

Common Core

HIED 648: History of Higher Education (3 Hr.)This course provides background on key higher education themes, and serves as a useful foundation for coursework on administration, student life, governance, leadership, and policy.

HIED 649: Contemporary Issues in Higher Education (3 Hr.) The purpose of this course is to explore critical contemporary issues facing American higher education, including issues of access, accountability, academic freedom, financial aid, state and federal government policy, changing legal structures, teaching and learning in a digital age, diversity, and the influence of business models and values on institutional strategy and practice.

HIED 650: Higher Education Administration (3 Hr.) Key concepts of organization and administration within higher education institutions, concentrating primarily on the non-academic components of the institutions, from the president to first-level supervisor.

HIED 651: College Student Development (3 Hr.) Review of research and literature on college student development from beginning freshmen through graduate school; Emphasis on different student subgroups.

Research Core

EDP 612: Introduction to Research (3 Hr.) Basic concepts, strategies, methodologies, designs, and procedures of research in education. Major emphasis on integrating research designs, measurements, and statistics for initiating research projects, collecting and analyzing data, and interpreting and reporting findings.

EDP 613: Statistical Methods 1 (3 Hr.) Basic concepts of statistical models, distributions, probability, random, variables, tests of hypotheses, confidence, intervals, regressions, correlation, transformation, F and chi-square distributions, analysis of variance and sample size.

HIED 693L: Quantitative Research Methods (3 Hr.) Course description not available

HIED 762: College Student Research (3 Hr.) Course description not available

EDP 617: Program Evaluation (3 Hr.) An awareness of the purposes, ethics, issues of design, methods, and models of program evaluation.

SCFD 615: Qualitative Research Methods (3 Hr.) An introduction to the nature of qualitative research and to techniques of interviewing, observation, and the analysis of documents and other cultural artifacts. Includes guided experience in designing and implementing a qualitative research study.

HIED 693F: Quantitative Data Management Education (3 Hr.) Extensions of regression models to binary or categorical outcomes, interactions, and quadratic and cubic control variables. Emphasis on weighting procedures for national survey datasets and interpretation. Course activities will include replication of existing studies and exercises with publicly available data. Prerequisites: EDP 614, coverage of multiple linear regression from a comparable course, or permission of instructor.


HIED 652: Assessment in Higher Education (3 Hr.) Critical analysis of contemporary assessment issues; develop sophisticated plans to evaluate the quality of student learning and growth in academic programs and student affairs.

EDLS 653: College Students & Courts (3 Hr.) A study of the major areas of higher education law from the perspective of the college student. A case study approach.

HIED 654: College Student Affairs (3 Hr.) A study of the organization, administrative functioning components, issues, and models of college student services using a historical and topical approach.

HIED 657: Community College Leadership (3 Hr.) An analysis of the historical/philosophical development of community colleges in the United States with specific focus on developing a critical understanding of the administrative and leadership issues.

HIED 693A: Women & Gender (3 Hr.) In this course students wil utilize feminist and gender theories to explore historical and contemporary women's and gendered issues and experiences in higher education, with a focus on students, faculty, and leaders.

HIED 693B: Higher Education/Popular Culture(3 Hr.) This course explores how higher education is depicted in film and fiction, and how views of the purpose of higher education, student life, faculty issues, campus diversity, etc., are socially constructed in popular culture. Students will engage with both classic academic novels and popular movies to explicate the ways that popular imagery of colleges and universities can influence public debates and individual conceptions of higher education

HIED 693C: Sociology of Higher Education(3 Hr.) In this course, students will develop a sociological understanding of higher education, in the United States and in comparative perspective. Using both theory and empirical evidence, we will explore issues relating to the impact of social, economic, cultural, and political factors on higher education organizations. Particular attention will be paid to the role that higher education plays in promoting social mobility, social reproduction, and social change.

HIED 693J Leadership & Organization (3 Hr.) This course provides an overview of the major theories that inform our understanding of higher education organizations and forms of leadership. By the end of the course, students will be able to understand the structure and function of organizations and leadership from multiple theoretical perspectives. Through the linking of theory to practice, students will be empowered to make conscious, deliberate decisions as institutional leaders in utilizing multiple, and at times divergent, theoretical frames.

HIED 693K Land-Grant Colleges/Universities (3 Hr.) The purpose of this course is to explore the evolution of the land-grant idea as well as contemporary leadership and organizational challenges at land-grant colleges and universities. The class will also investigate the related issues of university engagement, land-grant universities and the economy, university extension, 1890 land-grants (HBCU's), and land-grant policy.

HIED 708: Changing Organizations (3 Hr.) Topics include organizational change, understanding of organizational dynamics and relationships, motivation, empowerment, and responding to human resource needs.

HIED 750: Diversity Issues in Higher Education (3 Hr.) The course introduces students to theory, research, and practice related to diversity topics and challenges them to develop their own understandings of historical and contemporary issues.

HIED 752: Governance of Higher Education (3 Hr.) Formulation and implementation of state master plans and the roles of state governing bodies in public and private institutions.

HIED 755: Higher Education Law (3 Hr.) Critical legal issues of higher education, public and private, using a case study approach.

HIED 756: Higher Education Finance (3 Hr.) Financial concerns in higher education with emphasis on taxation and legislative actions, sources of income, budgeting, and cost analysis.

EDLS 693Z SPTP: Postsecondary Online Teaching & Program Development (3 Hr.) This course focuses on theory, research, and methods for developing, teaching, and evaluating online courses, and for developing, managing, and evaluating online programs.

Capstone Experience

EDLS 785: Education Administration Internship (3 Hr.) Practical experiences in the administration of an organizational unit under the supervision of an administrator within the unit.

Internship Portfolio Examples: