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Higher Education Administration

The Higher Education Administration program is designed to prepare students for administrative and faculty positions, policy roles, and research areas within colleges and universities and external educational agencies. This program of study offers a master's degree program track and a doctoral degree program track, and is affiliated with the Center for the Future of Land-Grant Education. 

Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration


The Higher Education Administration Master of Arts Program is an online graduate program designed to enhance leadership skills and prepare students for academic administration and student affairs positions. Using a personalized program of study, students will become familiar with the intricacies of higher education institutions, and build particular knowledge and skill-sets within a core area that is of interest to them.

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Higher Education Administration


The Ed.D. in Higher Education Administration program is designed to prepare graduates for positions in higher education administration, faculty and research, and policy. The program contains both online and on-campus classes, and offers specializations that may include: academic affairs/curriculum and assessment, college student development, administration, organizations, and policy, or an individualized specialization.

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Center for the Future of Land-Grant Education

The Center for the Future of Land-Grant Education (“The Land-Grant Center”) was launched in 2017, and is the only higher education research center in the country focused exclusively on land-grant institutions, policies, access and success, leadership, and engagement. 

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Higher Education Administration Program office at:

Phone: (304) 293-5928
Office: 608 Allen Hall