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James Rye, Ph.D.

Professor, Science Education

West Virginia University
College of Education and Human Services
Department of Curriculum and Instruction/Literacy Studies

Office: 604L Allen Hall
Phone: (304) 293-4416

Dr. Jim Rye is a professor in curriculum and instruction, with his emphasis area being in science education. Additionally, Dr. Rye also has a background in public health nutrition. His research interests include integrating science and mathematics learning at the elementary and middle school levels, utilizing the concept map as a communication, learning, and research tool in k-12, undergraduate, and graduate education, and teaching science, mathematics, and other disciplines at the preK-elementary school level (and engaging parents in the education of their children) through garden-based learning. Dr. Rye is currently engaged in the development of school gardens and the provision of garden-based learning at the elementary school level, with a special interest in school-university-community partnerships that seek to diversify the school grounds through establishing gardens and provide garden-based learning opportunities for youth.

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