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Bachelor of Arts 
in Elementary Education

A teacher education program that offers over 600 hours of professional experience! 


The Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education program is a traditional on-campus teacher education program at West Virginia University in Morgantown. This program will prepare students to earn teacher certification in multi-subjects, grades K-6, upon graduation along with a bachelor's degree.

Students are trained to be outstanding elementary educators, requiring 4 semesters of work in schools before the final, student teaching semester. That means A LOT of experience…over 600 hours!

Another thing to consider, students could begin teaching after graduation and earn a variety of Master’s degrees  WHILE they are working! You could earn a graduate degree in a variety of areas, like Special Education, Literacy Education, Advanced Elementary Education, Higher Education Administration, and more. You can choose to be an expert in a specific field this way, which makes you very marketable. Also, because we know working professionals have tight schedules, many of our graduate programs are online!

Please see the Admission Requirements page for more information about applying for this program!

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Please note, as part of this program, admitted students will be required to complete a state background check in order to be approved to placed in classrooms.  Additionally, a background check is required for both the state-issued permit to student teach as well as for application for teacher certification.  More details will be given after candidates have been admitted and are enrolled in EDUC 311:  Practicum I.  If you are concerned about the results of these checks influencing the ability to matriculate in this program, please contact the Office for Student Success with questions.  Please note that items found on any background check do not necessarily restrict a candidate's ability to proceed. 

WVU is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The Educator Preparation Provider (EPP) at WVU is currently accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and is a Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) eligible provider.

The K-6 specialty licensure area offered at our EPP has been approved by the West Virginia Board of Education.   

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