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Doctor of Education in
Curriculum and Instruction

Plan of Study

An Ed. D. student’s plan of study includes the major in Curriculum and Instruction (28 hours) as well as minor area (24 hours), a research core (15 hours) and a foundations core (6 hours) and dissertation (12 hours). Students may apply up to 30 hours of prior coursework at the graduate level. Acceptance of prior work toward program requirements will be based upon approval of the student’s advisor in consultation with the program committee. The advisor and/or chair will approve the transfer of other graduate work only if it is consistent in quality, rigor, and purpose with the coursework provided in the current program. 

The Curriculum and Instruction Major 

Required Curriculum Courses
  • C&I 701 Curriculum Development (3 hours)
  • C&I 707 Theories, Models, and Research of Teaching (3 hours)
  • C&I 709 Curriculum Theory (3 hours)
  • C&I 794a Special Topics: Diversity in Society (3 hours) 
  • C&I 799 Colloquium (minimum 1 hour) 

An additional 9-12 hours of the following:

  • C & I 708 Contemporary Determinants of Curriculum (3 hours)
  • C & I 786 Curriculum Evaluation (3 hours)
  • C & I 788 Higher Education Curriculum (3 hours)
  • C & I 789 Higher Education Teaching (3 hours)
  • C & I 794b Special Topics: Curriculum and Assessment (3 hours) 

An additional 3-9 hours of electives:  
  • General electives related to area of specialization 
  • C & I 794 Special Topics 12
  • C & I 790 Teaching Internship 
  • C & I 791 Research Internship 

An additional 21 hours from the CEHS College Core: 
Nine Hours of Research: 
  • EDP 710 Seminar in Educational Research
  • EDP 613 Statistical Methods I 
  • SCFD 615 Qualitative Methods  

And at least two additional research courses that may include the following: 
  • EDP 615 Statistical Methods II 
  • SCFD 715 Qualitative Methods II 
  • Other research courses at the 600 level or higher  

Six hours of social and psychological foundations that may include the following: 
  • SCFD 620 Philosophy of Education 
  • SCFD 640 History of American Education 
  • SFCD Special Topics 
  • EDP 703 Adult Learner 

Students should complete their three required curriculum courses (C&I 701, C&I 707, C&I 709) and at least the two introductory research courses (EDP 613 an SCFD 615) within the first 24 hours of their program.

Each student should develop his or her plan of study in consultation with his or her advisor. Once the student and advisor have negotiated the plan of study, they should call together the program committee to review the plan. Committee members should receive copies of the plan of study prior to the meeting. Upon review of the plan, committee members may choose to approve the plan as developed, or they may make recommendations that would involve changing the plan of study. Upon final approval of the program committee, the student must submit the plan to the CILS department chair and the CEHS Dean for approval.