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Doctor of Education in 
Curriculum and instruction

This program is not accepting new students, at this time. 

The Doctor of Education (EdD) in Curriculum and Instruction Program represents a cutting-edge approach to doctoral studies using research-driven approaches to address factors affecting education today. This program creates individually-planned programs of study to meet the unique experiences and professional goals of each student. 

The program addresses three broad areas:

  1. The curriculum and instruction major: emphasizes curriculum studies, social theory, teaching and learning, diversity, and technology.
  2. An area of specialization or minor: includes learning experiences in a content or integrated area (i.e., health, gender, diversity, technology, evaluation, research, foundations, etc.).
  3. Research and educational foundations core: emphasizes the centrality of research commitment and competence—the ability and eagerness to conduct research as well as the ability to read, interpret and engage in professional discourse about research to the doctoral program.

The program is an intensive and interdisciplinary experience designed for both full-time and part-time students. We offer courses in the evenings and provide access to online learning experiences.

Administrative contact: 
Connie Miranov

Program Contact:

Dr. Sharon B. Hayes