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Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education

Interested in becoming a certified, k-6 Elementary teacher?

The Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education is a traditional, four-year program at West Virginia University that prepares students to earn a teaching certification in multi-subjects, grades K-6 upon graduation. As part of the program, students complete work in local, public schools beginning their junior year of the program. Then, students are placed in a year-long residency their senior year, working in their schools 250 hours in the fall semester, and full-time in the spring semester. The Elementary Education program values the learning that happens not only in the WVU classrooms, but also in the application of these lessons in the field. This is why students graduate with over 800 hours of practice and experience teaching in local schools!

Laura Brock; Class of 2022
"My coursework from my methods and inquiry classes have influenced my classroom practice by giving me multiple perspectives to help relate to my students. I have found that my relationship with the entire class has flourished as I apply strategies taught by our professors, in and outside of the classroom." - Laura Brock; Elementary Education; Class of 2022

The Elementary Education program also allows the space for students to find their individual areas of interest, for which many pursue a Master's degree. Students in the program can begin working as a classroom teacher after graduation and go on to earn graduate degrees (many of our graduate degrees are offered online).

In addition to an emphasis on experience in local schools, the Elementary Education program is committed to high standards at the state and national levels. Program faculty work with the national accreditation standards and contribute to the profession at university, state, and national levels. This work involves exploration of technology, diversity, global initiatives, and culturally responsive teaching, facilitated by faculty who are leaders in research, teaching, and service.

Badge stating CAEP accredited provider

WVU is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The Educator Preparation Provider (EPP) at WVU is accredited based on the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) Standards through Fall 2021. CAEP is the only recognized national accreditor for educator preparation.
The Elementary K-6 specialty licensure area offered at our EPP has been approved by the West Virginia Board of Education