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Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education

The new Ph.D. program in higher education focuses on preparing future scholars, faculty, and policy analysts who will critically analyze higher education issues and chart the future of colleges and universities. Students in this program will be prepared to conduct new research and undertake leadership roles in higher education.

The Ph.D. in Higher Education includes the following course components:

  • A higher education core designed to provide breadth across critical areas of HIED;

  • A specialization within HIED, which may include: Academic Affairs/Curriculum & Assessment, College Student Development, Administration, Organizations, and Policy, or an Individualized Specialization;

  • A research core that provides the methodological competencies to produce original research as well as the ability to critically evaluate published scholarship;

  • A cognate outside the Higher Education program to allow for in-depth study in a field related to student interests and research foci;

  • A research, teaching, and/or policy practicum.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the doctoral program, graduates will be prepared to:

  • Develop scholarly work that advances the field of higher education;

  • Be an invested and collaborative member of academia;

  • Be reflective, ethical, and effectual leaders of higher education organizations and institutions;

  • Apply research and theory to the practice of higher education administration;

  • Critically evaluate scholarship, policy, and practice in order to promote equity, access, and social justice.

Program Delivery

The doctoral program will follow a hybrid format, with some classes offered fully online, others offered as hybrid face-to-face and online, and the remainder offered in face-to-face format. Face-to-face classes will be conducted on weeknights or weekends, in order to accommodate the needs of students who may be traveling distances of three or more hours.

Courses offered online as part of the Higher Education Administration M.A. Program will continue to be offered online, serving dual functions as M.A. and Ph.D. courses. Instructors will differentiate assignments to tailor learning activities for masters and doctoral students.