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General Program Information

WVU Five-Year Teacher Education Program Student Handbook

EDUC 612

This is a full-time, semester-long, culminating practicum which takes place in one of the professional development schools (PDSs). Guided by an experienced teacher, the intern will gradually assume full time content area teaching responsibilities. Interns will also reflect on practice in writing and in seminars based at WVU and in the PDSs.

EDUC 612 Syllabus

EDUC 612 Required Course Files

EDUC 612 Assignments

EDUC 612 Evaluations

The following are to be completed in seminar with Dr. Stallings.

SPA Activities (Checklists)

SPA Rubrics

EDUC 612 Portfolios

EDUC 612 Logistics

EDUC 687

This is a contract-based, 135 hour practicum which is designed in a collaborative process between the intern and his or her PDS faculty. The work contracted is part of the collaborative effort to build PDS cultures of inquiry, reflective practice, renewal, and service. It supports the ongoing school improvement agendas of the PDSs, the interns’ continuing professional growth and their growing understanding of at least three of the Characteristics of the Novice Teacher.

EDUC 687 Syllabus

EDUC 687 Required Course Files

EDUC 687 Intern Calendar

EDUC 687 Assignments

EDUC 687 Evaluations

EDUC 687 Final Evaluation Record Sheet

The following are to be completed in seminar with Dr. Hayes.

EDUC 687 Logistics

EDUC 687 Placement History Chart

EDUC 687 Certificates

Certification Packet Information

Dispositions-Related Documents for EDUC 612 and EDUC 687

Publication (Photo) Consent Forms

Do not use colored or cover stock paper.

Guidelines for Submission

  1. Scan Publication (Photo) Consent Forms
  2. Email scanned forms to
  3. Retain originals for your records

Video Release Forms

Parent/Guardian/Student Release Form

Guidelines for Submission to LiveText

  1. Scan Video Release Forms
  2. Upload to Performance Assessment I in LiveText
  3. Retain originals for your records

Mentor Teachers and Teacher Education Coordinators