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WVU Five-Year Teacher
Education program

Areas of Study

(Please Note:  The Five-Year Teacher Education Program will no longer be accepting students beyond the freshmen class entering in Fall 2016. Later groups (i.e., In-coming Freshmen of  Fall 2017 and beyond) are encouraged to pursue other WVU Teacher Preparation Program options available at that time.)

Students in the WVU Five-Year Teacher Education program have the following areas of study to choose from:

Elementary Education

Students who want to become elementary teachers (grades K-6) complete the Multi-Disciplinary Studies undergraduate program in elementary education. 

Secondary Education

Students who want to become secondary teachers (grades 5-Adult) complete a series of Secondary Education Course Requirements. In addition, Secondary Education students need to complete at least one of the following certification areas:

Students may choose to add one of the following fields as an additional area of certification. These certifications may require another year or more of academic preparation.