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Master of Arts and
Certification Progra

Model Schedule: Secondary Mathematics

Content Course Requirements for Certification

Courses listed below are required for program admission, to be determined by transcript analysis; other courses listed can be taken while enrolled in the program.

  • Calculus 1 (e.g., MATH 155)
  • Calculus 2 (e.g., MATH 156)
  • Calculus 3 (e.g., MATH 251)
  • Elementary Differential Equations (e.g., MATH 256)
  • Linear Algebra (e.g., MATH 343)
  • Introduction to Probability and Statistics (e.g., STAT 215)
  • Intro to Advanced Mathematics (e.g., MATH 283: Intro to the Concepts of Mathematics)
  • Abstract Algebra (e.g., MATH 341)
  • Discrete Mathematics (e.g., MATH 378)
  • History of Mathematics (e.g., MATH 218)
  • Geometry (e.g., MATH 238)

Model Schedule

C&I 602. Principles of Teaching & Learning (50 HR Field Placement) C&I 632. Research in Curriculum & Technology in Mathematics Courses denoted with asterisk may be taken during summer or switched to a different term in consultation with your advisor.
EDP 600. Educational Psychology

RDNG 622. Reading in the Content Area
*C&I 689. Cultural Diversity in the Classroom *SCFD 620/640. Philosophy or
History of Education

Math Content Course (as needed) *SPED 500. Legal/Educational Foundations of Special Education
Math Content Course (as needed)
Math Content Course (as needed)

C&I 634. Teaching in Secondary Mathematics Schools
(50 HR Field Placement)
C&I 588. Advanced Field Experience

*C&I 688. Classroom Organization
and Management
C&I 584. Advanced Clinical Experience
*SPED 601. Academic Interventions: Special Needs C&I 680. Technology Integration
Math Content Course (as needed)

Math Content Course (as needed)